Wordless World

I can live without air,

And I can live without food.

I can live without water,

And I can do without gravity too.


But words?

How could I live

Without words?


Without words there'd be no sense.

There would be no written rules.

No repercussions.

There would be no questions.

No answers.

There would be no thoughts.

No feelings.


Even if there were,

We wouldn't know;

We wouldn't know

Because without words

Could we truly communicate?


A world without words would be stupefying.

It'd be unfathomable,

And it'd be senseless.

In that world, I would be trapped—

Trapped under a veil of sour silence,

Unable to escape.

Trapped until some uttered

A single, merciful syllable

To set me free.


So take away my water.

Take away my air—

Those I can live without.

But words?

Words, I need.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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