Salivation's Salvation

Fri, 04/15/2016 - 12:20 -- Esaraip

My cracked lips define the need to eat something salty or else collapse

At this point I am delusional and unaware of how much time has lapsed 

The large blue panorama that defines my surrounding space

Expresses no sign of nutritious food in this deserted place


With an oceanic horizon and a clear blue sky 

I think about how being stuck in isolation may be how I die

This once thought beautiful island appears detrimental 

How can I live here when it lacks all the fundamentals?


Sea salt's not enough to satiate my starving stomach now

How I'd desperately long for...a... Taco to chow!

Oh the only thing I want is a taco, NOW.

If only the island had my favorite dish to bestow


With this fantasy in mind I walk aimlessly...

Ow! I scraped my leg,  gosh what a sting!

Sadly, the pain reminds me of a lime squeeze,

the perfect way to give tacos a zing! 


As I stare yonder at green shrubs near the wild game fields 

I see luscious cilantro forests bedding seasoned chicken, what a meal...

No, the lack of people on this terrain was never my concern

For it's the crunchy goodness of tacos that makes me yearn.


...If I were deserted with a supply of tacos, I needn't ever worry

About learning to survive alone in constant hunger and misery

For securing such succulent meals would feed my motivation

And Only then I can approach a deserted island with determination

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