Poverity To Prosperity

As I lay to sleep it's as if I see my future,

I'm sitting in a masion, with 2 kids, and

a husband. It's s if im really here, and this 

is really my life I run multi-billionare

business, and I can finally say,

"I've made it, im successful, we no

longer have to sturggle", but as I 

think these things I know that

this can't me true, I know I would

not be that very lucky person,

simply because of the world I 


of not only MONEY, but also THEM

SELVES. one against the other, how could

I make it in a world like that, I then sit up 

and walk to my mother's room hoping

that she isn't sleep yet, I see her lying

down on the living room sofa,

I walk up to her and tell her my dreams

of how I want to be successful, for not 

myself but for her, my 2 younger siblings.

and my father who is outside

working on a car at the time

I told her how I was hoping 

that then they would be happy 

that they would no longer argue

or suffer with emotions as my 

siblings take after them and argue

or misbehave at school, I told her 

how I would by her, her forever home

and pay for both of my  younger 

siblings to attend an expensive home

school, and pay for only the best of 

the best housing tutors for them, I told 

her how then I would pay for both of

their tuitions into harvard, and how 

I would give them the world. NO 

more than the world, the universe,

but after this I apoligized for what I 

had just said, I then told her that I 

wouldn't be able to do all of these

wonderful things that I had hoped 

in the future... She asked me why?

why apoligize?... And I then said

it isn't possible not for me, in order 

for me to ever get that far in life 

to ever think or dream I could 

make it I would have to be a 

lover of myself I'd have to be

selfish, I'd have to be a lover of

money, I'd have to hate, i'd have

to steal, i'd have to kill, i'd have to 

commit terrible crimes. and lie to

be able to get away with them

i'd have to hate you guys, i'd 

have to get into people minds

and maniupulate them, and all

while hiding in the shadowy 

parts of life, a life where I would

have to wear a mask, a mask that 

has happiness written all over it, a smiling face

that shows that im a wonderful person,

when in reality im a terrible person who 

had fallin into the spells of the world

and I just can't, I wouldn't dare 

and I couldn't pay the price 

of my actions afterward. My mom

looked at me wide-eyed, seeming to 

not being able to speak, as a tear roles

down her cheek, I apologize once more

"i'm sorry that I won't be able to give

you that life", I silently get up and walk 

back to my room laying down once more

as I think quietly too myself of what,

would happen in the future. But as I 

lay in bed thinking these things, I think

what if there is a way for me to have that

life without having to maniupluate people

steal and follow in the world. And ever since 

then I worked hard every day and that is how

I was able to develope the system I have

now to help people, instead of manipu-

lating them. And that is how I am where

I am today.


This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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