Although I can't live with out you someday I'll have too,

Until that day comes I'll  continue to love you.

As the youngest it's my job to be here, 

Oh mommy, thanks for the listening ear.

Thanks for wiping my tears when I felt nobody was here.

Raising me alone was a hassle, I loved it when you called me your rascal.

Sacrificing your life and time for me is a blessing, from your constant stressing, and your intelligent lessons.

Lessons were taught, mistakes were made,  but I learned from them with your aid.

You're such a strong woman because losing your mom is hard to stomach. 

Although your mom isnt here  I have never seen you shed a tear.

Thank you for staying strong for me, Mom you make my heart skip a beat.

Although I cant live with out, I know someday I'll have too.....





This poem is about: 
My family


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