Values in Honey

You ever wonder why something is the way it is?

Or why there might just be one head honey bee in charge? Someone at the center, the core, Keeping everyone busy working but just managing to survive My father is a honey bee,He might not be the honey, maybe just the bee Mysterious young fellowDedicated to his familyControlling everything going on But still surviving He is not a head Honey beeBecause he does work I think I'm one of his helper bees though Something about the way I work Just too similar to him it could make me smirk  I drive my self down to things just as he does He listens understands and reiterates something like a musical sound You might just think he understands you He pushes me to extend way beyond what I think I can do He is my bestfriend just as my uncle Thomas was to him My father understands me And loves me all the same. He works so hard to keep his lovely honey home just sane. 


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