To find my way

I fell from the heights,

I drew to the land,

To the desert of Frost’s past making,

          (so cold, so dark, so lonely)

Closer  Closer Closer,

The dawn fell away to the nothing...


(still Nothing?) Here I am walking, on Dream’s farthest ledge,

Above still waters, too close to the edge,

Darkness here, Darkness there,

Even the Stars are blindly watching



Farther behind, still not moving...


Moving in circles, tripping, stumbling (farther still)

Stuck in place without air,

I keep trying to get back to the heights

The pedestal is there, (so far from reach)

Even that seems to be crumbling...



Crumbling, Breaking, (STOP!)


But I’ll hide it all from Them,

I’ll pretend to walk on the same level,

I’ll make my legs bleed and tremble,

I will escape this dark place,

With a secret held for far too long,


Still, in this place...

... where a lonely place to stand

But, I promise this:

All I need is this

        To find a way... and I will find my way.


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