I'm an open book,

one you cant figure out.

Read between the lines,

then will you see what I'm about.

It's funny how you guessed it,

but still lost the deeper message.

I'm the me

you'll never see!

Something deeper like a truth untold

No more silence, its time to be bold

I'm tired of the way we living

So be obientient and listen

Sorrow soar through the skies

Yet, with all your might, we can't die.

News only care about rating

despite all the innocent lives they're taking.

I see both sides, one isnt right

young kids grow up worried, not sleeping at night

we stronger as one, yet we're divided

He's coming back so be excited

War is set in stone

but I cant fight it alone

read between the lines

then will you find that,

I'm the me 

you'll never see.




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