All I Need

All I need in my life is my will,

You can beat me down, 

Break my heart,

Tear my psyche,

But as long as I have will, I have the power,


This power cannot be tamed,

The fire in my soul can not be quenched,

As long as there is a breath in my bones,

As long as the will with its strong grip holds me,

I am unbeatable, the world can never take that away.


All I need is my will, for it is my will that shows me the way,

My will is what causes me to try when all seems lost,

What causes me to keep fighting when the world crushes down on my shoulders,

What causes me to look in the face of darkness until the darkness blinks, not me,

My will gives me a way to live when my life is unlivable,

My will provides me an anchor when the waves of hatred and cruelty wash over me,

My will keeps me safe, keeps me from losing a sense of who I am,

My will raises me above my adversary!


So yes, my will is what I need in life, all I need,

For with it in my head and heart, I am indominable

For where there is a will, there is a way,

And mine steels me for the path at my feet.

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