Over My Life

It’s difficult

Living in a world that’s constantly changing

Constantly developing new ideas

That want to enter your mind

And become your own.

It’s frustrating

To have your own life change

Every year you get older.

To have to grow up

And make decisions quickly that you need to think about.

It’s annoying

To have people mock you

For what you believe

For what you know to be true.

They call it




A fairy tale

But you need this.

You need this

If you want to get up and face another day

Without screaming into your pillow

If you want to keep the peace in you

If you want to know the path to follow.

So you listen.

And it tells you small things

Like where you left your phone

And big things like if you should

Take that job for the next few years.

And your life will not always be easy,

You cannot completely escape the people who tease you

For praying, for reading the Word.

But as long as the Lord is with you,

You can heal

When life hits you.

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