A Letter To A Young Black Millenial: “I’m Awake”

Being sound asleep was blissful,

Ignorance prolonged my dreams,

My patriotism was my pajamas,

Engraved in every seam.


The idea of my struggle coming to an end 30 years before I was born..

Helped me sleep at night,

And the thought of witnessing a burning cross in 2017 was an impossible sight.



I was in for a rude awakening..



My nightmare snuck upon me like a venomous python,

A bite for every racial epithet,

I screamed not because of the pain,

But because I watched my own body deteriorate.


I cried out to the heavens for hours, 

My stability collapsed like falling towers,

I started to think about my fellow brothers who were slain,

As I remember why I have to "Say Her Name"


2017 is far from a dream.

I continued to sleep hoping this burden would go away,

But the poisonous python is here to stay.


I've had all that I could take, 

The sneaky serpent was gone, 

And I was awake.


Awake at last,

"You're finally free" they say,

Am I really? If pythons besiege me everyday?

The lost are unaware of where society wants them to fit,

I guess they will find out once they get bit.


The patriotic wake up their dreams don't seem to end,

But I woke up.. and my nightmare just begins.


-Danè Simms

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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