The Reflection That Scares All

Mon, 04/18/2016 - 02:07 -- kwisty

I need

I need

I need


I need a mirror

Not to stare at myself and drool over my supposedly good looks

Which is false

Or to use to better my looks for no one to see

I need it to remember what I look like

A reminder that I still exist

Another person to look back at me

Because the only person you see when you look in a mirror is yourself

I need to know that I'm still real

A person that is real

I can easily say I can live without

With no problem

But it will teach me not to love all of me

Something so minor

Yet so important to my human eye

It's not just a thing on a wall

It's a live picture of what you see

And What others see

I really can't live without knowing what I look like

Not knowing my existence

I need it


I really do need it

But do I really want it?

I do

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Our world


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