All I Need

One day a teacher asked me a question.

It was one I should have been able to answer in a second

I had gone to her desk and stood their with a troubled expression

She looked up and said in a low voice with very little inflection

"What do you need".

I thought for a second and I proceeded to say:

"All I need is a pen. 

Nothing more nothing less

All I need is a pen.

To write away all the stress.

All I need is a pen

To fix this mess

All I need is a pen 

To write my wrongs 

To prove im more than just T]the same old song 

All I need is a pen 

Because god knows how many more chances I have left

To make things right

To stand up and fight

To be the next shining light

All I need is a pen

Because a pen cuts deeper than a sword

Cuts heal but not the ones made with the word

So I will write until you been moved to action by every verb 

Until every word has been heard

So teacher allow me please

To write the words that will appeal 

To the blind and let them see

To the deaf and let them hear

To the emotionless and let them feel

Because without this

I'm nothing

So i say this again 

And I will say this without end

All I need 

Is a pen."

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