Roses are dead, violets are a taboo,

Pineapples are exotic, this poem started off emo

Lets raise our spirits so very very high,

I try to be comical, but I’m mostly dry

A good laugh never killed anybody, maybe my sense of humor did,

At least they had the last laugh, and that god did not forbid.

Humor is a drug, heavy as crack

Happily addicted to it, I’m now an insomniac

Comedy is my elixir to living and everlasting life

I try to keep my wit as sharp as a knife,

It’s rough around the edges

I hope no one jumps off ledges

For reading my poetry

I’m not sorry if it hurts emotionally.

If the point isn’t clear yet

I love comedy as much as Romeo loved Juliet,

So in a way I would give my life for a brunette

Just because this special one has lovely assets,

it is the east and humor is the sun

It gives warmth to all and it is so much fun

It turns the gloomy into a joyous mood,

It’s beautiful to give people this health food

Without it, how can frowns turn upside down?

Like air, water, and warmth, this is the one and all I absolutely need

For it is my greed,

And there is no comparison to the world’s best medicine.

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