I'm sorry, I love you, I need you

I’m sorry but I’m too stubborn to say it,
I know I was wrong but I’m too stubborn to say it.
I don’t want to acknowledge the fact that I know I’m wrong.
What am I supposed to do?
Apologizing is more than just saying “I’m sorry,”
There’s sorrow, guilt, respect, and honor within it.
How come I don’t want to feel this every time I repent?
I think I’m rebelling right now.
I feel like even if I say those two simple words, my pride is being stripped from me.
Am I that much of a fool to throw her away just for my pride?
I can’t overcome this arrogant pride and inflexible stubbornness.
Can I set things straight before it’s too late?

Then I think about all the good things she has done for me,
All the times I have taken her love for granted.
And I run to her,
I’m sorry, I love you, I need you.
I’m sorry I made you wait,
I’m sorry it took me this long,
I’m sorry I caused you so much pain.
I’m sorry I love you, I need you.
As I repeat these words over and over, I run into her open arms.
I’m sorry, I love you, I need you.
My dear, precious mother, I need you.

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