The Sand and Tide

The sand.

The sun.

The pain.

I laugh, sing then I cry

and in passing moments hope to die.

Honor and pride aside, there is no shame.


A bird glides by

but thinks of it a game.

I know in days he'll end my reign

and I, too tired to ask why?


Sitting still, waiting for the tide to dry

patience erodes yet the divine might of the sight keeps me nice and fine.

Making me realize,

all I need to to fill this abyss that is my lost life,

is the satisfaction derived from the thought of being present in your mind.


You once said that faith was a lie

and that believing in what's right is lame;

making fun of those who train for first place.

Running in your own lane, you always knew your size.


You and I are like a rock and a grain,

like water and the sky. As I drown and sink down you soar high and fly.

Shit but despite my fucking height, You know I try and try

to make you mine and keep you sane.


Even when I know it's wrong to keep your beauty tamed

near the death of my lonely domain with words like fate.

Understand that with this flame ignited by your name

my heart will forever persist in the wretched forsaken shadowy plane.


Please stop straining your eyes

and I'll stop taking the lords name in vein.

Remember we're part of a team that needs no fame.

Still in the night, you'll want your goodnight and goodbye


But it's not the same.

Now a ship passes by

as the bird devours my thigh

and I swear I could finally hear you pray but

it's the whispers of the damn sand and tide

Saying everything will soon be okay.


“everything will be alright”


And then the light fades

and I too begin to fly.

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