Cinerella Beats The Clock

We all know the classic story of Cinderella,

Who just wanted to meet a nice and charming fella
But when her step mother banned her from going to the ball

Her fairy godmother thought, “this won’t work at all!”

So she waved her wand and chanted her song

To give Cinderella time to meet a prince, but not too long

Until midnight Cinderella was given

To make the prince utterly smitten

But Cinderella was smart

And asked for a plane instead of a cart

And with this plane

She could fly with free reign

Going back several time zones in just an hour

Showing that intelligence was even better than power

To extend the minutes until the hand on the clock

Struck midnight, ringing out ”tic-toc!”

And with this knowledge she flew

Knowing the clock could never catch up with her too


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