To Live Without Feeling, Is Something I Simply Cannot Do

To Live Without Feeling, Is Something I Simply Cannot Do

Tingles discovered by a brush of the hand

Softness felt, that of which comfort held

That tough love of which they speak, could never be for those who do not understand

If only kindness and security could truly meld


If thou were a beggar, and if beggars would be choosers

Would thou rather choose to feel, or to mask your emotions with a carefully woven façade?

The masks are better suited for other takers

When both dainty hands are grasped firmly, there is no longer a need to keep up the charade


If emotions caught flame, passion would be the outcome

Tears cascade down rosy cheeks, unseeing eyes gleam with promises of more

Lanky arms engulf the trembling frame with a comforting hum

The spreading warmth of love is something that you have come to adore


If thou were not to feel, then one’s heart would be left rotten

Never let it be said that what is felt, is better left forgotten

This poem is about: 
Our world



Too many people decide that feelings are better off forgotten, so quick to write them off. Feelings; emotions rather, make us who we are. it's how we react to events and situations that give us a sense of individualism. I understand that feelings can be terrifying, but please remember that they can also be so very beautiful and truly wonderful as well.


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