The thing I need most, Is simply a toast.

Stranded far away, from plane and boat..

My mind would wander, my mouth would curse,

But I would survive. See why in the next verse


The truth of my life, to fight the regrets,

I've praised and thanked for all the benefits

My need isn't physical, and if you havent guessed.

My need is to be happy for being blessed


One thing couldn't save me. Would delay my death,

So why not emphasize every last breath?

I would smile like a mad man,  happy as a lark,

Then swim in the ocean, eaten by a shark


My need is a wish, more of a last thought

A hope that on an island, I shant be distraught

And unwavering passion that will not sway

A gift of stability in my ending days


For my need isn't tangible, can't be contained.

My need is the idea, that despite pain:

There are always those less fortunate than I.

My need is to be smiling till the day I die.

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