Surrender Your Soul

Sat, 04/09/2016 - 13:14 -- drw1321

All I need in this life is Dance


What once was a recreation

Has turned simple movements into a celebration

Dance demands nothing of myself

Dance, however, pleas for some emotion felt

I am able to convey mute-less expressions

Release endorphins, euphoria, or transgressions

For one who is not well with words

It permits a stoic storyteller to become a stellar nerd

Dance makes life divine, 

For, it's something I cope with to ignore, "I'm fine"

My burdens are relieved

Dancing grasps me back to what is crucial, so I am not astringed

It allays my fears

Dance yanks my heart near to my brain

So I can stop feeling regret, abandonment, and pain

Dance is a pacific state, an incalculable freedom,

And an eternal bliss: the perfect sum


All I need in this life is Dance


It helps me adjust to change


Without dance, I will never be the same 



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