The Sounds of Life


United States
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We are all living in a world dark and corrupt

A land where you can’t attend college without going bankrupt

A place where genuine people are difficult to find

Where those close to you turn their backs and forget you over time

It seems so dark and depressing

Constantly being sad breathing heavy and stressing

But I know one thing that I could not live without

Something subject so touching that is always with me without a doubt

When life closes in and there are terrors all around

I can pop in my headphones and listen to the sound

Of sweet music blaring into my ears

As the notes enter my brain all of the fears disappear

Music is much more than an artist complaining

When you dissect the words and listen to what they are saying

With songs so deep that they can bring you to tears

Or a tune so catchy that you rock out with your peers

Music is what defines a certain generation

Playing while influencing a nation

Made from all of the worlds corners

A sound that pays no attention to a countries borders

It helps aid the sick when they are filled with depression

Constantly preaching its powerful lesson

Whether its influencing a person to finally get the courage

Or speaking for a movement making all members encouraged

There are songs for sad times and happy times

Powerful and moving lines

Songs when you want to fight or get motivation

Just turn on your playlist and work for your goals without hesitation

Songs that tell powerful stories

Or songs that inspire people to want to live in glory

One song can give somebody the vision they have been desperately seeking

Fixing holes in their minds where the rain was leaking

I have listened to genres from country to pop

And the messages inspire me never coming to a stop

I have listened to artist from The Beatles to Eminem

All have inspired me to finally pick up the pen

To write my own things inspiring my mind

Allowing me to make creations that I am proud to call mine

Some view it as noise polluting the brain

I view music as a blessing to get me through the rain

My mood always changes when I hear a certain tune

Inspiring me to shoot for the stars and reaching for the moon

Whether it’s on CDs or on vinyl hiding in the attic

I will never stop listen on my broken headphones filled with static





Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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