The Secrets of Earth

The ocean is a dark place

Sea full of wonders, yet filled with unused space

The way the moon bathes in the light of the sky

And quickly disappears into the silence of the night


The trees beckon me to sing

They whisper, “You are free, my dear, Hear your laughter ring.”

I hear it echoing for miles in the caves

Reminding the world of our beautiful young age


Climbing miles into the king of all mountains

The sheer power reminds me of the brevity of existence

The strength of man can be so easily lost

By the shift of the wind and strength of rock


I yearn to know the secrets the earth keeps

How it paints the orange skies

And spins beyond eye’s reach


All I need is the earth’s warm touch

The way it twirls me about and give me a rush

I hear its cries for help

Man has taken over, beauty has fell


For a man without the world is a man long gone

Deprived of the beauty of rhythm and the love of song


All I need is the Earth under my feet

The souls it will heal, the prisoners it will set free

Let yourself see the world I so carefully keep

In the future of man, it may be a thing of dreams

This poem is about: 
Our world


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