A Thousand Black Women March in Pain

Strip me of my pride, all the lies been synthesize, been over looked,

 i been tooked, repromised of my pride.

Done in the dark comes to light and a thousand black women march in pain,

hoping not to go in vein, 

shut out, played a fool, rain over and bamboozled, swore never to book a foolzee.As she found me, step away from danger,  engage, murder vows with many cases,broken hearts with many faces, when someone shows you who they are,believe them, people don't change,they just reveal who they are, the representative is gone, and the cards are on the table, will you play or will you fold?  Wisdom so deep,it flys over thoses whos elevator doesn't go all the way up to the top floor,do u see me?  Ignored,  bypassed, rejected, some can't comprehend.A time bomb tick tick boom, move in silence, bulets fly, negros drop,fuck the police, the revolution will not be televised, this is genocide,so wake up, wise up, rise up,brothas and sistas suffering from post traumatic slave syndromebow Dr. Joy DeGruy  if you ain't talking bout black power u ain't talking bout shhh.Y'all coons n sell outs can have the Man's money,cars and clothescus y'all puttin on a showwhile us concisous neguses screaming no justice no peace,bitch betta have my money, where my reparations at ? 40acres n 2mulesRIP to the black youth taken too soon.


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world



This is a great poem i have just used this for my english assignment on racism i will tell you how i do when i receive my marks!

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