How I Live Without Moving


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if the sun could go out like a light switch

if the ocean were to evaporate as quickly as a glass of water would

if oxygen was as existent as it’s visibility

oblivion would seize the physical entity of human and earth.


so you want to comb through my knowledge

you wonder if I possess a sense of inquisitiveness

look for what I feed off of and spit out

and with undemanding and commonplace questions,

you search for insight in my answers.


What is the one thing you can't live without? Is it a person, an object, or even an idea that you hold close to your heart? What is the importance of the one thing you absolutely need and why?”


as a girl with a painless disposition

and a conveyor of simple-minded generalizations

I would write this as I am writing an english paper

so, what is vital to my physical being?

if the earth cannot persist without the sun, water, or oxygen

I would be consumed by nonexistence, just as earth would


but my heart has loved too many times

and has felt too many times

to only elaborate on what I physically need

so, what is vital to my emotional well-being?

what bandages my heart together and keeps it intact?


oftentimes I feel the need to escape

I own a large quantity of maps and pens

I can mark all the places I’d like to see and someday I’ll be there

but no matter where I go

 I breathe in the ambience of reality


however, who says I must travel to escape?

there are more than a billion stacks of paper

composed of more than a billion combinations of the alphabet

there is a world in there

there are more than a billion worlds


sometimes I want to breathe in a world of solitude

and live solely surrounded by nature

sometimes I’d like to be a hero who’s constantly on the go

and saving other people’s lives

sometimes I want to be great poet

and be that girl who does not understand the feeling of understatedness

sometimes I want to be in the form of an animal

and not spend a moment catering for my skin or figure

sometimes I’d just like to be the character that I already resemble

and be surrounded by friends who actually understand


I want to take form of something new everyday

and I want to live in every place at least once

so with over a billion combinations of the alphabet

made to congregate a billion different stories

i can run back home

feeling okay about breathing in the ambience of reality again


because at least now I can tell you of my adventures

I can vouch for or debase the people I’ve met

some have lived and some have died but

I’ve fallen in love with at least one or more

what comes from my mouth is simply idle talk from your point of view

but I have seen beyond galaxies

I know what it’s like to be in a world free of actuality

And I’d come back to the strangest life I’ve ever known


books are as crucial to my emotional stability as

sun, water, and oxygen are to human existence

they open up a portal to anywhere else

when reality demands pains


if stories were to somehow dissipate

my ambition and my sanity would go down with it.

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