To The Very End

Standing right beside me, never losing a step,

Is the One whom I need, the One who never left.

I could speak of His goodness, or even his greatness,

But the one thing of which I could never speak, is His lateness.

For He is always on time, His designs are always perfect,

Just take a look around you, to see the effect.

I know not where the road leads, or where my journey shall take me,

But I know I’m being called to be even more gutsy.

For just as the Holy One walked on the waters,

I too need to step out, with other faithful sons and daughters.

To the very end I am with you, a great man once said,

I echo these words back until the very day I am dead.

For the one thing I cannot live without, is not wealth or fame,

But is the Holiness of Jesus, Praise His name.

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Our world


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