This is....................................................................... Love

Thu, 04/14/2016 - 19:46 -- 555vs66

The water that cools my heart,

The fire that burns in me, 

Oh why can I not see

For thou my life is marked?


For though in the rhythms of life

The schisms will cause strife, 

But I cannot continue without a we,

So please, I beg, are thou still there for me?


I struggle and wonder, I strive and fight,

But I lose and lose- there is no hope.


I think,

To not have been born, -that would be better.

I would not be whored by this and that and that and this

There is nothing badder

Than to walk the earth 

Knowing, I am as good as dead.

Than to see thou in the eye,

Knowing, I am as bad as death.


But thou have not abandoned me, have not cut me off,

Unto the olive tree I am grafted,

And all the others have laugheded.

"She? That rotten branch? She belongs in the loft."


Absolutely Nothing. Nothing I have done to be saved. 

To you I deserved nothing but to be enslaved,

But thou have choiced to be lowered, 

Endured being called “coward”

So you may shower

Me in your love.

This is love.

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