Anchored Soul

I always wake up with a dreaded feeling inside

Knowing that today could be the day I die

Because you see, I don't have the luxury of going through life

Wondering what it would be like to not have something by my side

I have to go through life, anchored and chained

Afraid that I have to remain in one single place

Not allowed to venture off into the distance

Because my whole existence is based on whether or not

My prescription can be filled and once again give me sustenance

Because 30 days is my limit

Living everyday counting down the minutes

I give new meaning to the phrase "living life to the fullest"

So when you ask me "what I can't live without?"

My response will always be to tell you about

The sleepless nights where I cry my eyes out

Or the days when I'm filled with doubt

At how my life isn't "one step at a time"

It's "one pill at a time"

Constantly having to walk in a straight line

All because of faulty enzymes

And since birth I've been cursed

Wanting to reverse what makes me, me

To no longer be an anchored soul

And be allowed to walk through life alone

Not needing to know where the closest pharmacy is to me

Because even with all my ambition

I can't live without my medication...

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