I swore I wasn't crazy. And I was right!

They called me crazy;

Maybe I was, is, am.


I was simply prepared. 


Those existential little questions of what would you bring,

Would you bring this, or that, or the other,

Nobody thought it could really happen,

But I was prepared.


I carried it with me everywhere;

Along with sideways glances and

incredulous stares

A large pack with a rubber object and a pump.

Always prepared.


The day arrived,

My test and trial.

Others would panic and doubt

Stricken by the lonliness and the solitude,

But I was prepared.


I thought to myself as I drifted away into the sea,

I smiled and chuckled, at the fools who laughed,

At me

Carry an inflatable boat everywhere, huh?

Am I crazy? No. 

Just Prepared

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