Dead To Me-Stuck With Me

He was gone

and thank god for that

My Nicole so sweet you screamed at me

you looked me dead in the eye

and told me to wake the fuck up

this is the world we live in - you said

this is the world you live in

You helped me up

my body beaten, bruised

you shook me 

held me in the water 

as the dirt and blood poured off my body

I can't live without you

the question is what can't you live without?

I can't live without her 

my best friend

My Nicole.

and She's only ever seen the world through happy eyes

not like me I've seen everything


I can't let her go

And she grips me with the same disparity 

hoping that the world

so mean

won't try to tear us apart.

This was ment to be a happy question

I understand

but she is my life line

this is not the romantic love

there is nothing preverted about this type of connection

we are not blood sisters

not witches

not whores or orphans

but we are soul mates

we fit together.

Again this is not the romantic love

not the romantic love

but this is love

I am in love

we belong in this world full of crazy.

I couldn't live without her

even if I tried



This poem is about: 
Our world


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