It's in a void,

the darkest, quietest part of the human mind

I finally understand the importance of the noise.

I finally hear the currents of life

around me, through me, under, above, left, right.

I can't escape the rapid river surrounding me,

the ever present fortitude in the palace of noise

I breathe it in, breathe it out.

This is life, the beautiful cacophony of noise

my drug of choice, my not so secret addiction.

My life revolves around the harsh discord of a delightful symphony,

the noise of the dangerous currents of life coursing through each and every living thing.

From our first moments, we know of sound, the beautiful

ba dum, ba dum, ba dum,

a heartbeat harmony of life

steadily drum, drum, drumming,

a metronome of human life

I can't survive without a measure of noise,

the wonderful discord of a chaotic clash of

cars, music, the voices of my best friends and my teachers.

It's in a void,

the deepest part of the human mind,

when I realize just how much I need sound

to function.

Silence is no friend of mine,

and even when I need the peace

absolute silence is never an option, it's a nightmare

wrapped in the false promise of security. 

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