child abuse

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Roses aren’t always red. Violets aren’t strictly blue. Not every glimmer’s surely gold- You’ll never really know the truth!  
Paperwork. Staff rush off to do it. Foster parents wait until the last moment to do it What requires the dreaded paperwork? Me. I do. The system kid.
We used to be close You were like my best friend But sadly that came to an end. You said let's play You locked the door, To hide us away, You were younger than me But we were the same age,
When I was small, I was told to smile Or else I could never be loved, So I smiled.    When my uncle died, They said I was too young to grieve, So I smiled.   
  Live by memory    Wander and haunt within   As a ghost you kill   As a man, you impress.    Snow couldn’t purify you  
young man, you owe me your innocence forget the dull waving of the wisteria vine.  you look at me,  animal, crying for the reason of man. 
She broke you So many times That after awhile you couldn’t Feel a goddamn thing So I cried for you And you couldn’t understand why  
Young child crying The past can not hide Wounds and hurts
I was five When my world first shattered My father told me I was different
Trigger Warning Chinese food. The smell of the foreign cuisine Makes my ribs ache in agony as nausea overpowers my senses until all that is left is desperate panic.
I walked the aisle
Ghosts fade in the wind Savage beast with human skin   Sing and rejoice As the king makes his choice   Children muted by fate Bruises taint their small gait  
home a house separated by nature walls on all sides no sidewalks no neighborhood kids no one to hear you yell
So, here is an ancient tale, Tell what it makes you feel, There was once a little girl, Whom loved all of her friends But one day, when all was clear, The sky was blue, and the sun was clear,
Growing up  He never had people Who would stick around  He's ashamed to say  that his own mother neglected him 
Home   My mother is yelling about how she hates her life. I can practically see her exasperated expression as she slams pots and pans.
Mother’s day approaches With worms and wasps and roaches, It crawls beneath your skin, leaving nasty residue. Like maggots haunting noses
Little boy loves mother dearly As she hugs him so securely, clawing hands tight on little body He starts sobbing and she’s grinning, so ungodly
When I was 9, my parents separated, to be divorced 4 years later after strung out custody hearings and he said/she said bullshit in avoidance of signing one simple document.For the entire month of May that year, I did not see my mother.
They told me not to speak about it. Pretty girls should't have ugly problems. Pretty girls should be grateful. Pretty girls should be poised. So, they molded me into that.
  I am from handmade red canoes, from farm land and a white well.   I am from broken bones and bleeding hearts, and crumbling floors and whispering walls.   I am from a pear tree
A year ago as I wept and cried. I felt depressed. I wanted to die. 2 bruises here and 2 bruises there A cut on my leg, covered with air. My lip was cut; My heart was crushed
look around and ask yourself,Is the person next to me sad?Could they be experiencing something negative?I’m so tired of the taboo around not feeling happy,I’m tired of only seeing people nod or sigh,
When I was five I had a Daddy He was tall and kind And he called me his princess But he was scary when he was mad I told a fib and he grabbed my arm
I have never doubted the ability of a womans rage, and the floppy arc of a chosen mans black leather belt marring my skin with the days when I was ​bad, but you were good 
You were always such a happy kid She said in conversation That's nice, Mom, but you seem to have forgotten  How when I smiled, things were great  and we would get along just fine. 
Every time a child decides to cry There's a story behind their broken eyes And when people are cruel to them, I'll never know why Theri mommies and daddies raised them up Spoon-fed by sugar coated lies,
Young childrenUnclothedCold unfedThat go unnoticed by  Parents Drugged Never home Living for themselves Systems Broken RushedRuined Children with no role models Give us no chance For future The child looks at me I am just a child
My name is **** and im 1 years old, Today i tell the saddest story told, My nappy is bursting wrapped around dirty skin, Im an unhappy baby malnourished and thin,
This is a story about a little girl Who spent her childhood Caring for her siblings Loving them with great passion.   This little girl’s biological mother had a boyfriend He was abusive
The house on S street, is where the angel walks and puts a flower behind your ear and holds you. Her wings are torn and broken calluses cover her hands.
Pain   I trip and fall. I feel pain.   A crush tells me that he does not like me the same. I feel pain.   I get bullied and ostracized on the bus. I feel pain.  
My sister did not say a word, Her silence has words burning inside her throat, She wouldn't talk, she will cry. Her lips were dried, It wore a dark rose, like letter on a wreath,
I hurt because of youThe pain I felt when you hurt meThe anger that followed what you didI could never understand why you did these things to meI was 12, Just beginning lifeAnd you took it from meHow is this fair to me??I hurt everyday because you
Eyes glazed over like there's a dead girl inside a barely functioning body. It makes people uncomfortable, but most never question why, like bad stuff doesn't happen in this neighborhood.
Adolescent girls held each other when movies got scary and spied on their neighbors during weekly feuds. Conversations about homework and boys   danced around them like a protective halo.
“Do you think you can forgive me?”   He asked me this while there was still blood between my teeth.  He asked me this while I held my own right thumb, because
He’s caged and left with no way out,His house, not home, a place of fear;Leaving would be the best, no doubt,But he can’t do it, that is clear.  
I’ve always worn sweaters in the summertime No matter if cloudy or skies full of shine Sweating down my back, I smiled like I knew it Was cool. Walking alleys, crossing streets, Neutral, just to get through it.
A disease that has a long history, More devastating than ANY OTHER. Some try to find a cure, Whereas some just don’t care and continue with the flow.   It tears apart families like a knife through butter,
Dear Daddy,   Can your sins be forgiven if you have forgotten? Should I not hate you if you don’t remember the pain you’ve caused, Or is that all the more reason to?   Why did you forget anyway?
  Dear Brad, I just wanted to thank you… thank you for being my step-dad, my guardian, and my protector. These are words I wish I could say to you.
Dear Mom,   Who do you think you are? Abusin’ me, bruisin’ me My mind Hurts.All those words you’ve ever told me,
Dear Mom, Or Pam, I suppose. Enabling the lowest of my lows. Do you remember me? Is it the memory or the idea? Cheap wonder bread and ham, cool kids who couldn't care less.
Dear Dad,   You say these memories are fake, then dang I must got an overflowing river of imagination.
Can you see me this time through your clouds of billowing smoke? The last time I was in this place you could not see me Could not feel my beating heart Could not hear me
A ten inch doll soft and vulnerable lay motionless. She always stays still- even when someone   unthreads her button eyes. The other dolls cut her hair with scissors;
"Because I Love You" Is a phrase I've heard far too often from both Mom and You. See, the difference is the intentions behind it. "Because I Love You" from Mom is like an overwhelming bear hug
Every time we communicateThere is no positivityThere's things that you put downThat I think are greatConversations are dullThey drain meWhile the fill you upTear me downWhile they bring you upShatter my heartWhile they toughen yours upI can't take
Love is a strange feeling. Some people seem to think love is one thing, while others seem to think it's another. Honestly, it can be interpreted in so many different ways and seen from so many different perspectives.
She was just sixWhen he told her to fixHis dirty desireRemove the heat of his fire She was just nineWhen she was toldTo kiss him below the lineBy that gigantic old
She was the child who shyed away from touch. The child who hated eye contact. She was a kid who'd perfected the art of   making excuses for school absences    and dodging questions.
Dark Place I have a home, a bed, some food, and a family... Though not a day goes by where there is not a calamity. Not a fight, war, or diaster occurs...
You say you think you know me, But I think that you're confused Because if you really knew me You wouldn't say "abused." You say "locked up, imprisoned," Held tight from the inside,
I am no more a beautiful, My bruises made intentional; They watched as though a wonder occurred, Twas mine right eye through agony suffered.
I can measure my life in moments: Before and after and when. When I realized that my parents weren’t google and God combined, And, no matter how hard I searched, I’d never find an adult who could fix anything,
whether it be the weather , or too much alcohol somewhere inside the stone monument , erosion clapped its hands and its job was completeweathering down a great stone monument from the inside out when they told me stories of great monoliths and str
“I’m sorry.” Muttered softly. Keep your head down child, Don’t you dare cry. Showing weakness is not an option, Not if we want to get out of here intact. We stand side by side,
I wish to thank you,     for being there,            for holding me while I cry.                  I wish to thank you, for telling me no,
You tell me everything will be fine now theres milk in the fridge and our TV plays seinfeild reruns now. Just two days ago you came stumbling home. Just a week ago your wrists were sliced open like monarch wings.
Heavy triggers, pulled by little fingers, Wherever they sound, death always lingers, The deaths of innocence, and of childhood, Tiny killers stand, where tiny children stood.  
Daddy fell asleep again on the kitchen floor Still clinging to his bottle like a hundred times before Liquor was the demon that he sold his soul to get Then drug us all through hell with no mercy or regret
He proceeded to wallop at the stumped rocks in front of his Aunt’s home. He had avoided any given chore provided by the three women, and yet feeling guilty for his lack of turn.
Stay Gold You never know what the future holds, with our stories yet untold, our beautiful mind can't be sold, our words will be forever spoken forget the background noise, focus you are not broken. Show them you are strong,
A child's terrified eyes sees the world for the violent drunk it is One is not born immune to the immersive experience Of domination, damnation, Filthy bodies and even filthier minds.
On the fifteenth day Of April, Of the eighteenth year, Lay my motivation To rub dry tears from my eyes And have a great day.
You are simply divine! Just look at how your hair, in the sun, shines! That makeup has not even a single stray line! I bet you're compatible with everyone's sign!
I've done a lot of things  that'll chill you to the bone. Ask all my former enemies, whole lives portrayed on a single stone. The only sign that they were loved, withered flowers in a cone.
It's like suffocating, Or drowning, Or choking, Having to bite your tongue and not get a say.   It's like hell,  Looking at your scarred wrists and knowing why they are there.
I dreamed and schemed through all of my life, On how to end this miserable strife. You caused my life to be sheer terror, But you were twisted, and that became your error.
I never understood what she saw in you Your heavy brow and cold eyes and your rapacious disposition
Inability to communicate To Elaborate To Speak It is quite a terrible fate  One which should not be cursed Even upon those that you hate Yet here I was  Crying
Jumping from rock to rock,Mama said I’d “lose my head”.Apparently writing wasn’t enough, then.I was young.
There was a time when only two things kept me afloat.Music, and Poetry.When daddy was downing shots and doing drugs,And the lawyers wouldn't believe mom.When daddy's new wife beat my little sister with a brush,
Once there was a girl that cried at night Her daddy would hate and hit and fight When she got older her mother remarried And it felt as if a great weight had been carried But she couldnt forget the scars in her mind
It's been sixty years Since I was a little girl When my story began Horrors and glory unfurled. I spent my days outside So I could be alone Hiding in the woods Dreading when he would come home. It's dark and late at night. He bursts into my room.
Time pasts and people stay still. You can’t change someone, if their heart is made of steel. That is the truth, And I know it hurts, But don’t push yourself because it never works. 
almost every night she storms into the living room after her bath roaring mad silent seething eyes bulging in her head her every movement over-exaggerated her words sharp and cutting
i was just laughing at something. don't remember what. you just wanted to suck the mirth from me because that is what you do it's mother's day tomorrow. this is why i hate this holiday. and did you know?
mama hoards sadness like she does jewelry and money,   just a twist of the oversize lips, squint of the jaundiced eyes, derisive humor in the voice,  
Never scream. The one unspoken rule, the one and only coveted truth.Not when she cries, not when he lies,Not even with maggot-like fingers caressing your thighs. Never, ever scream. 
As children, we trembled before our closets darkness night fell, like a deep black crushed velvet shade being draped over our world,
Upon blankets of grassy fields and dancing flowers, lies a land of crystal lakes, where a beauty is born. The smooth touch of the infant's hand was as soft
In the lonely darknessStands a kind, but hurt orphanShe goes by the name, LaurenHiding her tears with smilesWhile looking up at the night skyNoticing its the only beautiful thing...In her life
I can't let go , because I have a lot to say Building up on my chest, making this gentle heart heavy The thought of you makes my mind restless Filling with questions Hurt masked with anger
"Invite me to your wedding," you said. Where were you? Where were you when I needed you most?
Once long ago there was a good young boy he loved to play and laugh his name was Roy Roy was a loving but mischievous boy one day in his daddy's closet he found dads toy
A girl sits on a bench, A boy lies on the street, A baby cries in a dumpster, These children are everywhere. They walk the streets of London And crawl along the Hudson. The boy, thrown out at six,
Lashed by
You dont understand And i cant stand It anymore He throws me to the floor You dont care You stand and stare But what does it hurt You didnt give me birth Im not your daughter
To question who I am and what I've been through
I am a believer in touching the sky,
"Imprisonment, detained, day by day. Take away these chains for my child's sake."  
The apple of your eye The wind beneath the leaves Every word is a lie And nothing is as it seems The pain could always wane The cuts and bruises will heal But when my memories freely rein
An angel can't fly with defeathered wings. This angel won't cry, Nor will she sing. Beaten and bruised Tattered and worn. As pretty as a Rose But She's distorted by thorns.
Scared and hurt, feeling like that vulnerable girl
Shut your mouth and listen to what it is I have to say I will take you all back on that specific day I was laying in my room listening to the two of you argue
someone, anyonenononononowhy won't it end?didn't you promise one day it would stop?what am I?still alive-why can't I finally sleep?
I wear my scars like a badge of honor.
I was three the first time i remember 
 lay on my bed crying until I had nothing left.
Here's what I do remember about this particular rape. 
I didn't want to, but I picked the glass up and took a sip.It was horrible and I told my father there was no way I could get this terrible tasting st
One day when I was 13 and in the 8th grade, I had gotten the stomache flu and had to stay home from school.
My father took his trusty knife, wrapped her hands around it and they slit that rabbits throat without a sound.
I started feeling really dizzy and nauseous and was crying so badly, I could barely see nor breath through the tears.
I don't remember what set this next incident off with my father, I just remember it was one of the things that showed me just how much of a psyco nut
Coming back from the dead was always a terrifying experience for me. I hated it almost as much as the dying.
I remember wondering if my father could hear my heart pounding, then realized it didn't matter.
Have you ever been in an accident or so near death that at that very moment, you thought your life was over?
Woo hoo. Donald Duck film at school today. I'm so happy I'm five, cause now I get to do all the fun things and stuff.    Donald showed me what to do if a fire comes to my house
cheater, cheater,     punkin eater,   daddie's little snack 
So many years- I said and I said   
When I was just a wee young thing,I was taught life's lesson well     
I lift my head 
I feel the shadow of fear creeping down the dark hall         slipping noticed into the room - my eyes squinched tight           But i know that shadow even with my eyes closed don't I        
I had a little bunny - and honey was her name 
Do you know what it smells like to die?
am I crazy?         so I've been fucking told!                  I always thought I would save the world from pain.        
I drop to my knees   
Rear view mirror
I wake from dreams where terrors creep 
I am the voice of the children.
He shines with light    a sheep they say 
Why me God?
Give me your pain   I will put it with mine 
A father takes,  eyes closed, that which he has no right 
                                              Tiptoes, softly, gently steering he towards me, and me I'm fearing thief of childhood ever nearing   INNOCENCE OF 8 EYES DIE
My ears pick out his sounds - in the dead of the night 
I'm Seventeen. I talked to my counselor today. The school won’t let me back to class without a note from a therapist;
Look at that child Sitting in the corner, Dad is forcing her But all she says is, "I don't wanna".   Scars on her face Tears in her eyes Wishing someday She can just let go and die.
Brought into the world so innocent and pure,
Why Does Daddy keep hitting me? Why Does Daddy keep yelling? Why Does Mommy keep hurting me? Why Does Mommy keep screaming? Why Am I so hated? Why Am I so worthless?
4 years old,
  There are millions of voices that are silenced
The thought of you hurting Alone in your bed
In the sickening cell,
'Flawless' is of flawed design, I am not perfect, nor are you, But knowing that my flaws are mine, And that they've made me strong with time, I praise myself where praise is due.  
Inside, around, behind what's in my mind? Flashbacks tons of flashbacks. I wiggle, I scream hes too mean. I can't get away but you think I did it to  myself.  
In an abandoned house,a handmade doll sits atop a dusty shelf.
Don't you miss the days when the grass was green,
take a breathe 
She stared into oblivion Unaware of her surroundings Trapped in those memories So painful is her hurt Is it reality Or a fallacy Plagued with the dreams again Desperately in need of a friend
When steps are heard Looks are exchanged And head bowed Tears won't help now So they'll take the hits in silence And spare a smile only for the other   When young, learn well
I Love Lucy “Lucy, I’m Home!”   October, 1941; Lucille Ball entered the hearts and homes of Millions of American men and Women.
Life insists too much upon us to take a second glance; a second look. We go through shutting everything out and never realize what we could have; what other people took.
For days on end she weeps in sorrow, In that lonely bed day after tomorrow, Her father hits, screams and kicks An abuser, Her father cannot seem to quit, Drowned in alcohol, Poisoned with smoke,
As the woman swallowed the man her child watched.  Suspended in time, the child will peek around the doorframe having confused eyes.  Slowly, slowly swoops the scavenger, down on the weak, white-haired bear.  Once strong, now he is unable to claw
Little girl lost and alone Won’t pick up the phone Too scared to go back home   The bottles kept stacking up Daddy didn’t you have enough Anger grew, We all knew What he was going to do to you
She tries to hide her pain behind a mask, Regretting the way of her secret past. She hears her daddy come in through the door, He's been drinking again and that's for sure.  
his hands caresses every curve of my undeveloped body every touch; it burns of sin i scream but no one hears me i struggle but he wont stop  tears, anguish and frustration  sweat escaping through help
The night you molested me, You slithered into my bones Under my skin You made your home   Years later, you still reside I couldn’t escape your lingering presence It had buried so deep inside
How could you?! Do you have any idea? Do you even know? That you are breaking your child? Your OWN child Your own flesh and blood! Do you feel no remorse? Do you even have a heart?
God help the child, Silent, scared, unseen, Confused by life`s lessons, Hurt by hands he loves. He does no right. He does no wrong. Can he find even one Who cares Who sees
You beat my flesh, and you were the closest thing I had to a father. You put welts upon my body and then spread lies to my mother. You hated a child who only wanted your love, but instead got bruises that spread farther.
“She hurts me.” Twelve. Too young to know affection, Too old to not long for its direction, Too young to know God’s Plan, Too old to think she won’t be penalized by the man,
You might want to get out a pen and paper and take some notes Listen up, no texting please, awkward eyes contact is necessary We’ll start with some basic rules, you'll want to write them down
I thought about you today, that's really nothing new. The past is always there, in my thoughts, in my mind; daddy, I used to be so mad at you.
I live in the urban area of kansas city which most people know it as a place of poverty not realizing that sure we might suffer from hunger but to be more exact we suffer for eduction.
How can you not see me? You walk by me every day, Call my name; You even hold conversations. But you don’t see me.   You don’t see the pain that is caused. The burden on my shoulders,
When I was a young child I was abused.  I won't say which way,  how or even why I think it happened to me,  but it did.    My mother would tell me how  beautiful she was and how
Waiting For my knight in shining armor, For my superhero sister, For one true friend. Wishing For the world to fall from my shoulders, For the chance to dance again, For a single golden laugh.
Foster Life is not  that bad. Foster Life is a blast. From being mad. To having mast.   I went through hell. I went through dreams. But now its real. I am a living dream.  
If i had one change to change the world what I wouldn't give to have that chance  I would end world hunger in that way saving more lives 
I will never forget the girl with the round glasses.  I sat next to her in all my classes. 
If I could change one thing? The World. Every boy. Every girl would have       clothes                food       love and shoes they'd have the right to be free      happy
Empty streets in my mind I walk through them all the time the silents breaks under my feet and I remember when we truely meet when I was sleeping and you were there and all you did was stare
“Hey Ella! Nice to meet you!  Where are you from, what do you do?” Where is easy.  What is hard. What do I do?   I hold her hand when she says “Ella my stomach hurts” She’s 14, and she’s four months  
It's a look It's a touch It's a threat   It's a plea ignored It's a silent scream
I had none.
There’s a boy
She didn't know it at the time,
Hold your children. If you are going to be shitty at least be consistent. The truth is important (but sometime you need to wait until someone asks).
She gave me colours of the rainbow Yellow, Red, Pink Blue, Black, Purple All hidden so no eye can see   She gave me words of the wise Honour, Pride, Discipline Shame, Punishment, Pain
If you looked at me you wouldn’t know the truth You would not suspect anything at all but something tragic happened in my youth. Nothing could have prepared me for the fall.  
Bombs all around me Shrapnel hits my skin I can feel my life fading I’m about to give in   Then my Corpsman came
Bad things happen.
I killed him I killed the man in my dreams the man who looked me in the eyes the man who stole my self-esteem  
 i wanna be free, like in the books that i read, let my words mean more tha
Her fingers are feathers, Lithe and delicate As they hover over the brushstrokes of Monet, Drawn to pigment like a moth to the flame.   His eyes are the ravenous mouths of predators
You made who I am today and for that I hate you You made me see what others couldn’t dream You made me think I was nothing You made me sell coke every night
I close my eyes, and understand, The only way a child can, To be beaten down with soap, and socks, I beg forgiveness, the paradox.  
Another leaf gone by Another sun past in the sky Another child shedding tears Facing one of many fears Look at the way she smiles How well she hides it, The marks no eye can see
Another leaf gone by Another sun past in the sky Another child shedding tears Facing one of many fears Look at the way she smiles How well she hides it, The marks no eye can see
shut them out, as I suffer to breathe Where are the words? Can we talk instead of scream? My opinion remains unheard   The violent escapade  on the frigid ground, I laid he charged at me, 
There are many things in life you see That make me think of what you could be The thought of you every night If you had only stayed in my sight   When I think of the day That broke my heart
Because when I screamed, "Stop", no one heard me. and when I told my mom, she didn't believe me. And the cops? They laughed in my face. And my brother, watched in disgrace.
  The children, the children Will anyone care A little girl just wants somebody to care   So badly, so badly They want to be loved Who to call mommy Who to call daddy  
No Chalk © Alexis Dykema   If we could just tell you, it would be easy. If we could lay down these words like lines of chalk on the sidewalk Most of us would.
He'll soon see Through your ways And finally know What I know You'll try and tell him it's ok And put on that phony show You'll make him believe it's all his fault
To my father whose blows bruised my body and my heart Who did everything in his power to make me feel like less of a man Whose hands, rough and worn by the harsh realities of life, I still fear to this day I write to you.
bipolar love, one hug, then a shove, insults fly, she doesn't care if you cry, til now I never asked why, why she's all about her, happy times now a blur, mommy dearest, 
Sing me a song; a song full of hope. To forget the body hanging from a rope. Watch it twirl, see it swing. A beautiful bird, with a broken wing. So young in body,
Warm on top, but cold inside; silencing the parts that try to cry Sorrow waiting at each turn. Happiness and love you'll never earn.
Sometimes I dream That I will see them again My momma My poppa But when I wake All I can see is darkness I do not breathe in air This is pure musk that fills my lungs
Your body's getting cold, your lips are turning blue. why did you do it? you're the only one who knew, I see the earth below like the pillow on your bed, no ropes no guns you overdose instead.
Your body's getting cold, your lips are turning blue. why did you do it? you're the only one who knew, I see the earth below like the pillow on your bed, no ropes no guns you overdose instead.
Mama, I know when You look into my eyesYou see him.When my hand reached Over to hold yoursI knew why you never held them tight.My hands were aLittle replica of his.When my little hands
The girl sits in the corner,coddling the paper between her slender, frail hands,holding her baby as her mother showed her with her screaming brother.The paper does not scream.Instead it tries to comfort,
Father, don’t I look pretty? My mouth is sore and my tongue is gone. All I have is anger and love and I have smeared it on my lips and cheeks for you.
A time bomb of innocence     Beginning from the first pain. 30 minutes of the time, molested away.                            "Dont tell, Dont tell," the sinner would say.
One moment she can be so delicate, but the next it is as if that moment did not even exist, as if the same blood did not flow through our veins. It’s like a bad dream. I look at her and at times I
Soft sobs filled the air, so quite the girl cried A tiny child huddled into the corner Cuts and bruises littered her thin body
The days are hard, the nights are long, the test is truely, an attempt to stay strong.   When a family attacks, the weakest will fall, in this test of strength, can she beat them all?
You don’t want to call it hate. Although you despise words that were spoken. Words of thoughts, Words of passion, Even words of love. The little ticks and twitches got to you
She watches the world Not saying a word Playing silently with her doll When her parent's heads are turned She cuts her doll apart "No one is this perfect"
As I lay waiting for sleep I pray. I pray for a glimmer of light in a sea of darkness. For the fear to end
Look in a mirror and see a monster The hate inside, fighting to take control In school they don’t see, at least not really They see a person not a monster I see so much of him inside of me
Why? Why do you hurt me? Why do you look at me with such hate? Why do you raise a hand to me? Why do you yell at me so much? Why?
Turning the tables what could that be like? Would you be the one crying all night? Would you wake up wishing you could just stop opening your eye’s yeah I wonder what would that be like? Do you?
I came I went I left broken I'm gone and haunted will I cry and break or will I hold strong for mothers sake I came I went I left broken
Hush they said Okay they said alright they said
Age eighteen.
Pouting like a baby, who was just told no. Trying to maintaining your composure, so you don't explode. Turn your head from me, so i wouldn't know. But i can see, tell me what's happening.
In the corner of this attic There's a pile of shavings They come from a girl Whose face is caving Whose body is slowly being Torn to shreds By fists, belts, choking hands and screaming faces
Fairytales A jack-in-a-box waiting to be cranked A wand waiting to grant a wish A tutu to cover the too, too many handprints on her legs Twirling around endlessly like the ceiling fan above her head Around a train track, a train that is missing a
I love you more than the deepest ocean. Your pain hurts me more than the bitterest winter. Your smile is more light than the burning sun.. Your face shows more experience than a tree of a thousand ages.
I stand on a bridge; It sings a lullaby of lost souls. It battles with memories and watches the world carry on.
First I must ask, who has the right to hurt others? I was born July 6th 1995 That is where my pain began Up and Down Left and Right It came from all directions
I see you Your hand is raised You shake with anger I have bruises I have to keep them hidden I can't let anyone see Its my fault I can't let them know I'm afraid it'll hurt more if I do
The door slams and my heart hurts The inexplicable feeling of dread that permeates through my body as I hear another door shut The sound is a trigger; the sound sends me back into countless times before
As I walk through the halls I am scared and alone I feel weaker than before, she has torn down my soul I’m afraid as I get ready in the morning,
What negativity produces; Depression. How far can these people go? Do they know they don’t have to suffer? At least for ever…
A baby boy is born into a thriving city A growing mind filled with ambition to learn... But he's filled with neglect and abuse
Come to the edge Where torment meant living With days without thinking May I be heartened By the love they imparted And take the pain Of stepping in for them Give me the strength to endure
She comes to school with rings of bruises around her eyes Her hair looks like birds have nested in it But no one says anything
Fourteen days "Bitch!" "Slut!" She hears it all. She tries to ignore it, but the words are knives dipped in acid, tearing her apart.
The things I can thank you for:
Beer bottles flood the floor Bricks bruise my sunk-in face Fake smiles hide the pain Hammer flying towards her face Murderous screams attack the air Agony, shaking, hunger pains
The smile on her lips Had never reached her eyes She hid her pain and worries behind Her perfect porcelain disguise
The Darkness is coming for me. I'm so mad and terrified; filled with hate. The Darkness wants to kill, for she is the result of wicked fate. God, all-mighty, commands, but nobody listened,
Father may I, may I tell you that I'm grateful? Father may I, may I tell you that I'm thankful? And not for all the right reasons because you've wronged me, words like jagged talons from your lips remind me,
Singing is my escape; my escape from life. When I sing, I pretend I am on stage with a spotlight on me. I imagine being a role model for those who need one; for the little kids who need someone to look up to, I will
"My body is my temple" If we're going to use that metaphor It is a temple in ruins A temple weathered by wind and rain It is a temple with no soul A temple with no hope
Brought into the world so innocent and pure, About to be exposed to so much more. Hurt and confusion consume her life. What was she to him, a child, a wife? Oh no, she is bad. It’s the only way,
After weeks of preparation, finally planned perfection Invincibility was overwhelming, irrational though it was The plan Escape. The destination Anywhere but here.
You once were my hero I’d stare up in awe At one point you cradled me In daddy-bear paws   In you I found comfort I had a real friend But sadly all good things Must come to an end  
Purple, black and blue devours my peachy skin and engulfs my precious soul. A dab of foundation here; a pat of powder there Long sleeves on a summer day and a well-developed lie to blanket my heart.
I do not understand Why I was ignored I do not understand Why I was turned away I do not understand Why I was not believed Why I was thought to be a liar Just like I do not understand
The day came when the Sun did not shine, the Rain would not fall, and the Wind refused to blow. The Planets wept but ignored were the tears of these celestial bodies.
Let me tell you a little bit about the people you pass by every day- in school, in the drugstore, in the mall, on the street, in your one home
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