Dear Daddy, A Letter To The Man That Was Present, But Never There


You're in prison. You've been in and out of prison for my entire life. I'm 15, if you didn't know. I pity you for what you did. You have to be a pretty sick man to touch your little girl, right? I mean, who would do that? I poured my heart out to you, so many times.... my, my, my... How stupid I was.  I trusted you. I trusted you with my secrets, with my hopes and dreams. And you betrayed that trust the second you laid your hands on me. That's a pitiful thing, right? That, because of what you did, we can't have a daddy-daughter bond, like all of my friends do, Yeah, I have friends. But, oh, you wouldn't know that, would you? You hurt me, and I gave you chance after chance after chance. If I never say one more word to you, let me say this, I NEVER want to see you, or talk to you, again. And I regret absolutely nothing.

Love, your not so little girl. 1-22-18 

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My family


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