Good young boy

Fri, 11/13/2015 - 12:24 -- Zmac

Once long ago there was a good young boy

he loved to play and laugh his name was Roy

Roy was a loving but mischievous boy

one day in his daddy's closet he found dads toy

Daddy found Roy in the closet playing with his toy

His dad took the toy away

and looked at him to say

you cannot play with this toy for you are just a boy.

As Roy grew up his family became estranged

he let his anger show and this other good boys called him derranged

There was a mailman and mommy was cheating on daddy with him

In highschool Roy found out his girlfriend was guilty of the same sin.

Daddy found out about mommy too

in a drunken rage he beat her black and blue

Daddy made mommy skip to her lue

then daddy noticed Roy

brought out his toy

and said "You want some too?"

Enough is enough decided Roy

He came home from school early cuz he was a very angry young boy

No longer good he just wanted to destroy

so Roy went and played with daddy's toy

at the funeral everybody was his friend

even though half those people help bring about his end

this was the first time in his short life he recieved a flower basket

because in life Roy was only shown love when he was layed in a casket

So be kind to every good young boy

and beware what you say

cuz you never know when they may

decide to play with daddy's toy

So the next time you see a good young boy

please remember the story of Roy.




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Our world


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abuse of any sort is unacceptable

writing about it shows courage and bravery

i commend you for sharing this

keep writing


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

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