Mistake Too Late

Thu, 07/23/2015 - 16:37 -- In.Time

"Imprisonment, detained, day by day. Take away these chains for my child's sake."


A lash can say so many words, but between us the meanings curved. You say you love me but how can I tell when my homes supposed to be heaven but it feels like hell.

   That bottle in your hand can't replace a man but you'll defend it to the end that it does good with in. You're just trying to escape me, your eyes show that you hate me, but you're the one who let him rape me. Violate and Isolate me but you think it's okay t take your pain out on me. Mistakes were made and I understand, you'll never trust anothr man while I'll never trust again.

   Closed eyes more like closed mind, you've become blind to the definition of state of mind. Oppression at its best, depression manifest. Let me live, let me have what's left, the hatred from a mother resembles the pain of being shot in the chest. Bound by invisible chains, metal bars placed in the way; release my hands for my sake. Before my wake. Before it's a mistake too late. 


   I don't have a record but I've been detained for life. So I took the easy way out adn chose the knife. I'll always love you and I say that on my lifek but you're just a guest at this wedding and death's the bride.




This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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