The Children Next Door

The boy next door has scars that he hides.

He goes to school sad and teary-eyed.

His father beats him with a leather strap.

I feel so sorry for the little chap.


The girl next door has a bruise beneath her eyes.

She goes to school with makeup to disguise.

Her father rapes her in the middle of the night.

I feel so sorry for this angel’s plight.


The child next door has no food to eat.

She goes to school with torn shoes on her feet.

Her mother and father do drugs it seems.

I feel so sorry when I hear her screams.


The children next door were found in a cage.

Society could not contain their rage,

but not one person cared enough it seems

to report or stop their horrible screams.


The children next door were taken away.

They did not go to school today.

Their dad’s in prison, killed his wife with a gun.

I felt so sorry for everyone,


I felt so sorry for everyone…


 Susan J.

On the news tonight, neighbors had heard the children next door screaming for months, but did not do anything! When police finally investigated because one person did care, they found 11 children locked in cages! I was so angry I cried!

If you know someone who you think is being abused, you can report it anonymously. You can not be held legally responsible for reporting if it is found the child is not being abused. Speak up for a child! You may just save a life.

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