The Badge Of Honor

I wear my scars like a badge of honor.     
I'm proud of them for making me a strong person.     
The perma split in my lip forever reminding me     
I didn't take it lying down     
I didn't just say stick it in.     
I said go ahead and stick it in DADDY    
I'll bite that mother fucker right off.     
and I tried     Mother fucker.     
I wear my scars with my head held high.     
you broke my nose without a backward glance     
expecting me to cower in fear     
a fear I would never willingly show you.     
I licked the blood streaming down my face     
and laughed, looking you straight in the eyes     
yeah fuck you too daddy     
figuratively speaking     
I saw my cheek opened to the bone     
forgive the fuck outa me for going to the fair     
I guess you taught me not to disobey     
I just laughed, stuck my finger on the bone     
and twisted     

stupid mother fucker     
you taught me how to be fearless   
while black holed mother thought me insane     
I wear your claw marks on my face     
with pomp and ceremony     
marching down the halls of my youth     
remembering that I got you back     
I took flesh from your face with my nails     
I'm a bitch and I pay back     
I hold my head high, look the world in the eye     
and say I am as good as you are     
I may be scarred, but my scars hold a place of honor     
on my body and face     
They say to the world that I didn't just take it lying down     
I gave it back. Fuck I DID!!     
You bashed me and bashed me for my defiance     
begging me to stop making you hit me     
telling me it didn't have to be this way     
if I would just BOW to your power     
BOW WOW mother fucker     
that all you got?     
I would rather be beat to death than to surrender     
I pitted my mind against yours     
and I payed heavily, yet so did you     
I was a soldier in my own war     
and I wear my scars like a badge of honor     

Stupid mother fucker     
You never did know me at all   
Sometimes you have to be a little insane to survive. 

This poem is about: 
My family


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