Look at that child

Sitting in the corner,

Dad is forcing her

But all she says is, "I don't wanna".


Scars on her face

Tears in her eyes

Wishing someday

She can just let go and die.


Locked in her room

With no point of exit

Praying for mercy,

Hoping that one day she gets it.


Searching for help

But people just show her empathy,

Pictures of her mother

Are engraved in her memory.


Yelling in her room

With gin on his breath,

"Take of your clothes,

Or off comes my belt".


Bruises all over

And pain long lasting

"Can't I just be free?"

That's all she keeps asking.


Enslaved in a world

Where people dont care,

Compared other people

Is that really fair?


She's basically perfect

But he's making her cry

Precious like a diamond

Eyes blue as the sky.


Sitting at her grave,

Thinking to myself.

Is the world that cruel?

That no one tried to help.


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