Stolen Innocence


A time bomb of innocence    

Beginning from the first pain.

30 minutes of the time, molested away.

                           "Dont tell, Dont tell,"

the sinner would say.

Eleven years a part when I was in first grade.

May have been your first secret , that never went away.



Never knowing the whole story

Just what’s on the cover of the page.

Never ever comprehending

Never feeling my pain.

Always leaving me unattended.

Guess I wasnt too young for innocence to end its game where it begun

Guess Gods story had a misprint , before he was done.

A bruise left on your mind

They wont like me if I were to accuse.

                                                                "Dont tell, Dont tell"

                                                                                     Is what echos when I look at his shoes.

                                                           A heavy thousand pound burden carried on my shoulder.

Its like a empty       M        




Trying to get somewhere, but your thoughts are just one in a dozen.

                        Why was it me? 

Some thoughts will never change.

                                                    "Dont tell, Dont tell."

And she obeyed.






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