The Acid in Pineapples Cuts My Mouth Up

Adolescent girls held each other when movies got scary

and spied on their neighbors during weekly feuds.

Conversations about homework and boys

  danced around them like a protective halo.

Kids forget to recognize their vulnerability;

kids should be able to forget their vulnerability.

They shouldn't feel unsafe in packs of four.

The woods were dark, and a red haze covered everything

and we all lost each other between the trees.

She avoided my gaze when I found her,

  so I couldn't see; I glanced over

I couldn't see it ws an inside job, the danger I was in.

I couldn't see that I was the last

  the beast would be able to conquer.

The beast would be captured by constables

and placed into shackles for the next ninety-one moons.

A red forest still eachoes with children's cries,

more than just the four of us.

We still haven't found each other in here.

This poem is about: 
My community


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