Child Abuse

For days on end she weeps in sorrow,

In that lonely bed day after tomorrow,

Her father hits, screams and kicks

An abuser,

Her father cannot seem to quit,

Drowned in alcohol,

Poisoned with smoke,

Problems arise and he cannot denote

His longing want for the love of his life,

To arise from the dead and to keep him alive,

To blame his daughter he found so easy,

As she hides in terror,

She has no “Daddy,”

He comes in with anger and rage,

Of the alcohol that has consumed his brain,

He hits and tortures his little girl,

A product of love now turned into turmoil,

A voice she has, she cannot express,

The tears that fall on her painted dress,

The color of red, the streaks of glory,

The tears of hate, the look of misery,

She closes her eyes and falls fast asleep,

Into God’s arms, she no longer weeps.


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