suicide awareness poem : internal struggle


 i wanna be free, like in the books that i read, let my words mean more than the breath that i breath, everybody's holding hands, like they can change the world, thats not my game, im in a different place, maybe change one life through saving grace, they call me crazy, they say ive lost it, wanna know a secret?, theyre right, im psyched, ive lost control, got me runnin in circles, with no place to go, standing on one foot, looking over the ledge, this is it, no turning back, ready to dive
head first into the abyss, steady changing everything that doesnt quite fit, do i conform Or become the change, wat if i dont want to do this, well call me divergent, cause im different, thats wat i choose to be, Im Breaking the mold, im changeing the game, but its so hard, a little dangerous, half the time i just give up, go back to the cliff, wat a stupid life, is it worth this, evrrybody givin up, cause im different?... im a rebel, but have i lost my edge? no this is my game, and i call foul on ur rules, and ur proclamations, sitting up there like you own the nation, i hate you, i hope you know that, you wrecked my life, ill never ever get it back, but my future is mine and u cant have that... you psyched me out, ur in my head, but at the end of the day i have no boubts, ill be the be that slips away, ill never be a number on their stupid charts, I wanna be strong, and free, and incredible, so take notes, this is my show, Cause Im a thousand times more unbelievable. 


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