How Can You Not See Me?


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How can you not see me?

You walk by me every day,

Call my name;

You even hold conversations.

But you don’t see me.


You don’t see the pain that is caused.

The burden on my shoulders,

What goes on at home,

How to sleep,

There’s tears streaming down my cheeks.

Every day is a struggle to survive.


You don’t see me,

Because you don’t want to.

You only want to live in your bubble.

This kind of life doesn’t happen,

Not unless it’s on TV;

It can’t happen in real life.



What would you do to know the truth behind my eyes?

Would it tear you apart inside to know just how bad it is?

How would you handle the truth?

Who would you go to?

Where would you go, where would you run?

When can you hear the truth?

Can you ever hear the truth?

No; can’t do that.

Have to know that.

Have to accept that.


This is my burden.

Can’t ask someone for help.

Need to be strong.

Cannot be weak.

It gets worse when weakness is shown…


He can’t find out about this,

My moment of weakness.


Please daddy no…


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