best love

Little boy loves mother dearly

As she hugs him so securely, clawing hands tight on little body

He starts sobbing and she’s grinning, so ungodly

Not a hug but a chokehold, drapes wet eyes with a blindfold to keep him sightless.

A mother’s love is righteous, priceless

She strangled her boy with heartless niceness.


Little boy grew purple bruises

On his tongue grew intricate excuses, while mother kissed him gently

Pearly teeth cut his tulip cheeks deftly, defenseless he cried out on bent knee

A kiss more akin to a bite with cold unconcern, the summer rays of mother’s pain gave him a beautiful sunburn.

Pain is not the same when it’s a mother’s love, it hurts divinely like intervention from above

A pain so good, bittersweet heat as the fire eats the wood

burns the little boy to tears,

Just like the best love should.


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