So called mommy...a poem about child abuse

You tell me everything will be fine now

theres milk in the fridge and our TV plays seinfeild reruns now.

Just two days ago you came stumbling home.

Just a week ago your wrists were sliced open like monarch wings.

But at least theres candy in the dish and fresh linin on every bed.

Just a month ago your hands wrapped around my throat like winter foleige.

And your screams shattered the new china into fine dust.

Teachers ask question after question "does mommy have a boyfriend""

"did daddy do this to you?".

Not seeing that mommys can bruise flesh and rip wounds.

I kept my mouth shut...because mommy always told me family was the most important thing.

This i knew to be true, but when i saw familys on television or on the street,

I could not see this as family.

Family was blood not running through veins but splattered on walls,

Family was communicating not support but blame.

I could not see a world without vanished fathers or drunken mothers.

I could not see that children should not bleed through wounds inflected by so called love...

So called love is the massage you preach to me to this day.

Hate and love both batteling in my hearts to take you captive.

Unconscious eveings over shadowed by paper bag lunches,

hugs and kisses over shadowed by

"No Mommy,..Please Mommy...I shouldnt feel this way...Mommy"

This poem is about: 
My family


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