Angel, Demon, Goddess

In the sickening cell,
Of the deepest confines of heaven,
There’s a beacon of dark in the light.
The demon comes to save the angel.
Darkened wings a blazed with furry,
But warm and comforting to the angel,
Who flings himself into the welcoming embrace.
As the lovers fight, 
For their right to love.
The Goddess they fight,
Tries to pull Arc Angel Michael away,
But the demon holds fast.
He refuses to let her take,
His lover away.
But finally with pain in their souls,
The lovers prevail.
Escaping back to the equality of the Middle World.
Laying by the water side,
Of the great fall,
The two became one once more.
Wings holding the other to themselves,
The polar opposites find common ground.
With the future on their tongues,
And their hands on the other’s,
The words were said,
“Together forever”
And with the lightest of coloring,
The demon replied,
“Forever together”

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