Mother to me is only a name 
someone who allows the dirty game 

Silence is golden-a mothers rule 
Then mother sends you off to school 

A mother has eyes in the back of her head 
So when facing her child- cannot see she is dead 

At night time a mother plants kisses on chin 
then sends you to the lions den 

Mother to me- is only a word 
her man is but a dirty bird 

A mother goes shopping and shopping and shopping 
while dirty birds hopping and hopping and hopping 

A mother looks through me 
she sees only her man 

she cannot smell the daughter 
fear comes in a can 

what good is a mother who has not a nose 
a mother is good while shes washing the clothes 

A mother looks through me and passes up fear 
she's never around and she can't even hear 

She's always around and she's blind as a bat 
Daddy sings songs about mommas fat 

a mother sits crying-not making a sound 
sits eating in kitchen-gets rounder than round 

she's she deaf, dumb and blind 
and no matter how tall 

a mother to me 
is no mother at all 

Daddies songs to mama 
( i don't want her - you can have her-she's too fat for me) 

( fatty margaret -two by four- couldn't fit through the kitchen door) 

(be she live or be she dead-when she's around you better hide the bread)


This poem is about: 
My family


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