Shattered Dreams

I was five

When my world first shattered

My father told me I was different

That was all that mattered


Not every kid lived with his Ma and Pa

While dad dropped in twice a year

Dad introduced me to the woman

And said I had nothing to fear


With innocence and surprise

I told him I already had a Ma

That’s not your Mother!

Just your Aunt and Uncle from Arkansas.


At age four

I was rescued by my Aunt

She said my mother and father

Were sexual deviants


Every few years I was passed

To another family religious zealot

At an early age

I started hating god for making me different


God the omnipotent

Was responsible for everything

My rebellion was seen

As a spawn of Satan’s underlying


“After all” they shouted

Some were born to be devils and demons

My inner-turmoil was seen

As a child of Satan’s semen


I began to openly disbelieve and curse God

As my elders who claimed to talk to him lied

I wondered why God would tell them bad things about me

As silently I cried


Ma and Pa had a big argument

I could hear it was about me

She didn’t want to let me go

As Pa yelled, “remove your glasses so they can’t see!”


He chased her into my room

And started hitting her in the head

I started shaking

And hid under the bed


Hours later they found me

And the bastardly deal was done

I would go live with Dad

And pretend to be his son


Authors Note:

An experience relived through the author’s five year old eyes and memory.


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