Because I Love You

"Because I Love You"

Is a phrase I've heard far too often from

both Mom and You.

See, the difference is the intentions behind it.

"Because I Love You" from Mom

is like an overwhelming bear hug

from an itchy sweater, hastily knitted together.

It's uncomfortable and somewhat suffocating,

but it's still warm.

"Because I Love You" from You

is like a pair of cold metal handcuffs cuffed too tight,

feet tied to the legs of one of the dining room chairs,

kitchen cloth shoved in mouth

only let out for a "Yes, sir."

You're tired, I understand,

but manufacturing me to respond like a robot

isn't "what's best for everyone."

"Because I Love You" from You

is like getting used to sleepless nights

because the sounds of glasses breaking

are better than your anger being directed at us.

"Because I Love You" from You

is an empty promise personified.

What once was painful is pathetic at this point.

Can you not see the difference yet, you arogant fool?

"Because I Love You" from Mom

is like a brain trying to maintain

circulation for her three young bodies, but the

"Because I Love You" from You

is the tumor that's ruining her;

That ruins everything.

Every holiday,

Every family event,

Every birthday.

Your misery is the maggots

feeding on the foundations

of my mind and family.

But despite all that You've done,

I've managed to turn your lies

into strength and inspiration

to never become

the handcuffs,

the broken glass,

the maggots

or the damn tumor

for anyone else.

You see, I'm not saying a

"Because I Love You" from Me

will be perfect, 

but it's intentions will be

far more genuine and tender

than anything your toxic ones could be.

This poem is about: 
My family


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