One Has Fallen

Thu, 10/03/2013 - 20:41 -- MadiS


Another leaf gone by

Another sun past in the sky

Another child shedding tears

Facing one of many fears

Look at the way she smiles

How well she hides it,

The marks no eye can see

The way no child should be

Some kids snicker, some kids laugh

Because with her sister she splits clothes half and half

She doesn't mind

As long as at night

On the table, there is food

And her father is in a good mood

She's now a teen

With self esteem

She feels she doesn't fit 

She knows that she can quit

"One more chance," she says, "I'll give."

She goes home to find the negatives 

She says, "That's it."

With a storm to her room

It was silent until a boom

Tears fall from her fathers cheeck

Her sister falls to her knees weak

A tragic tale of how fragile the world can be.


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