The Place Of No Return

Time pasts and people stay still. 
You can’t change someone, if their heart is made of steel. 
That is the truth, 
And I know it hurts, 
But don’t push yourself because it never works. 
Go ask the girl whose hair is filled with flowers. 
If she could go back to the past few hours. 
Would she keep jumping that rope over and over, 
Until her hands started to feel colder. 


Keep your head up girl don’t be shy. 
If it comforts you, you can cry. 
We won’t judge you if you curse. 
We’ve all been through much more worse. 
You said goodbye and the sky turned grey. 
Your lips looked purple, your skin was pale. 
All you could hear was a filthy moan. 
Your legs were open, your dress was torn. 
You kept saying “Please don’t” with a soft voice. 
He replied “Hush little girl don’t make a noise.” 
Lying on the grass, your palms were green, 
But noone heard your raspy scream. 


When the life was no longer a kids play, 
She decided she doesn’t wanna stay. 
That was the poison she slowly drank. 
Now she won’t speak, her looks are blank. 
She was a flower that soon withered; 
Her knees were week, her body shivered. 
After a while, it didn’t hurt; 
They found her in a park, covered in dirt. 
Now she is here with the rest of us. 
Her soul is in peace, her ashes turned to dust. 
There is a lesson you need to learn: 
We’re all in the place of no return. 




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