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So many years- I said and I said   
don't touch me daddy- I'm out of my head   
you use your lies- sharp tongue and wit   
to get with me- be alone with me-   SHIT   
Go ahead daddy- you take  and you take   
one of these days- I'm a cut off your snake   
go ahead daddy- rip my clothes with your knife   
I'll steal it someday and I'll cut out your life   
Get that pillow off my face daddy-cause you're blocking my air   
Oh fuck it-get it over with-death is better than despair.   
I plot, I plan, and then procrastinate   
you used the pillow on my sister and sealed your fate   
I've changed my mind daddy, I want you, I need you   
I look in your eyes and I hope I deceive you.   
Let's meet in the dark daddy- hind the big willow trees   
I will lie on the grass and you'll get what you please   
So I lay in the dark on my back in the grass   
Let me touch you he says- cause you got a sweet ass   
As you lean in real close and undo my top button   
I pull out your knife and then I start  a-cuttin   
oh your screams sound so pretty-as I cut and I slash   
your arterial blood sprays-on my face and sweet ass   
then your body goes flying -cause there ain't no speed bumps   
and i laugh, god i laugh, when you roll in the swamp   
I'm feeling real smart and  I'll not dig a hole   
I hear the sound of the alligator doing his death roll


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